Height adjustable Electric wheelchair chennai- Model: HA-EW


Height adjustable Electric wheelchair chennai -Best price No1- Model: HA-EW chennai/Banglore/kochi

Electric wheelchair comes with rechargeable Lithium battery

Warranty details:

1 year Service Warranty on Controller & Motor.

6 Months Warranty on Battery (Accidental damage not covered under warranty).

Benefits Of An Electric Wheelchair

A Electric wheelchair, powerchair, Motorized wheelchair or electric-powered wheelchair is a wheelchair that is propelled by an electric motor through battery.

We recommend electric wheelchairs for all individual whos are facing obstacle in day to day activity because of disability.. Electric wheelchair Just gives you additional freedom to move without others intervention & mange your activity by yourself..

Moreover, they may also be used not just by people with ‘traditional’ mobility impairments, but also by people with cardiovascular and those who suffer from fatigue.

1.Increased independence

Electric wheelchairs in particular, provides increased independence due to it’s ease-of-use and the ability to travel without experiencing fatigue.

2. Mobility

Electric wheelchairs are also designed to be taken outside and can be used on difficult terrains, like pavements and slopes.

A wheelchair can be used in conjunction with other mobility aids or forms of transport.

3. Socialisation

Of most concern when a loved one experiences limited or decreased mobility is the difficulty, they can face taking part in social activities. We know that socialisation is vital for emotional and physical health, so it’s important to maintain a healthy social life.

Electric wheelchair gives the user a more active lifestyle that may result in a more positive outlook on life.

Folding electric wheelchairs are the perfect companion for people with limited mobility who are frequently on the go or living in apartments with limited space.

They are lighter and more portable than traditional electric wheelchairs. If you are frequently on the move, whether in a car, train, or plane, a folding electric wheelchair is an ideal option.

These wheelchairs can be easily folded and stored in a trunk or bag, giving you the freedom to travel anytime, anywhere.

Folding electric wheelchairs are easy and intuitive to operate and do not require any additional skills or training.

Users can quickly learn how to fold or operate them. In most countries an electric vehicle can be driven wherever pedestrian traffic is allowed.

However, the rule also applies to electric wheelchairs: the applicable traffic regulations must be observed.

This means on sidewalks: walking speed! This is a maximum of 6 km/h

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Product Description

Height adjustable Electric wheelchair chennai best price- Model: HA-EW

Height adjustable Electric wheelchair chennai
Height adjustable Electric wheelchair chennai

Model NO: HA-EW

Height adjustable Electric wheelchair-350mm adjustment



unfolded Size(L*W*H)
seat (W*D*H)
as per requirement
framework material
Carbon Steel


net weight (With battery)
42 kg


0-6km/h 5gears
endurance/full charge
15 km
load capacity
110 kg


190mm PU foaming solid
rear wheels
405mm Rubber inflatable


Lithium battery 24V 12A *1 pcs
24V 250W *2pcs
Brake system
Electronic brake

Max load: 110kgs,

Detachable back rest, detachable battery, comfort seat cushion, side arm flipup features makes it more user friendly

Battery system: Detachable battery-Rechargeable battery (24v/12AH)

Max speed: 6KM/H
Max climbing angle: 25 degrees
Turn radius: 1.3M

Electric wheelchair chennai  Product Specifications :

Electric Wheelchair ▷ Dual motors, long battery life ▷ Battery capacity: 24V12A

▷ Motor power: 250W (two motors) ▷ Battery life 12-15 km

▷ Wheel size: front 10 inch / rear 16 inch

▷ Folding wheelchair weight 34KG

▷ Easy parking on slopes ▷ 360° controller, no conflict

▷ Reinforced design max load capacity 110kg

▷ Breathable fabric design, comfortable fabric, double layer design

▷ Dual mode switching

▷ Foldable design for easy storage and travel ▷ Thickened tires, large size design, comfortable shock absorption

▷ Wear-resistant universal wheel, bearing decompression design

▷ Removable leg guards

Shipping lead time: within 14 days from date of payment


Product demo video link: https://youtu.be/63kQGkDOxtU


Customize Electric wheelchair chennai
Customize Electric wheelchair chennai
Additional information
Weight 50 kg
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