Wheelchair price in Chennai

Wheelchair price in chennai

Wheelchair Price in chennai for various type as follows:

MANUAL WHEELCHAIR Price starts from 4800/-upto 35000/-

  • Manual Wheelchairs: wheelchairs are wheeled chairs that are powered by the use of the user’s hands
  • Standard manual wheelchair prices starts from 4800/-
  • Foldable manual wheelchair price begins from 5600/-
  • Reclining electric wheelchair price starts from 12500/-
  • Reclining Aluminum wheelchair- 16500/-
  • Pediatric Wheelchairs. -28000/-
  • Electric Wheelchairs. -45000/-
  • Patient transfer Wheelchairs -35000/-
  • Sports Wheelchair price starts from 25000/-
  • All-Terrain standing Wheelchairs price starts from 190000/-
  • Standing Power Wheelchairs semi automatic-price starts from 52000/-

the above mentioned prices are indicative prices, however the prices could change from configuration and options involved as per requirement..

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