Hospital bed chennai-Patient bed chennai- Powder coated-best price no1


Hospital bed chennai with mattress chennai

A patient cot can make life comfortable for the ailing one and as a result, makes life easier for the caregiver

Hospital cot with mattress


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Hospital bed chennai-Patient bed chennai -best price 


Hospital bed  specification

  • 18 Gauge Powder Coated
  • Fowler Cot And Semi-Fowler Cots
  • Head Raising
  • Leg Raising
  • Heavy Duty
  • Available With Collapsible Railings
  • PU Foam Mattress

Semi Fowler position
The Semi-Fowler’s position is where the patient is on their back at a bed angle between 30°-45°. Thus the placement of a patient in an inclined position, with the upper half of the body raised by elevating the head of the bed approximately 30 to 45 degrees

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