Spine board stretchers chennai- best price no1


Spine board stretchers chennai: 

Spine Board Stretcher Backboard for Patient – EMT Backboard Immobilization Portable Patient Transport Rescue Lightweight PE Plastics Ambulance Stretcher


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Spine board stretcher


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Spine board stretchers chennai:

Spine board stretcher
Spine board stretcher

Spine board is a device for recovery, immobilization, and transfer of a patient to a stretcher with suspected spinal injuries. The durable yet lightweight but sturdy material allows smooth patient transfer with minimal effort. Safely lifts up to 120kg with a heavy-duty shell that can withstand many elements and years of use.

Technical Parameter :
* Product Size (L x W x H) :- 186 x 45.5 x 5.5cm
* Packing Size (1 pc) :- 188 x 47 x 8 cm
* Load Bearing :- ≤159 kg
* N.W (1 pc) :- 7.4 kg
* GW :- 9kg
  • PROTECTS PATIENTS + EMS WORKERS: Prevents stress on the lower back of personnel when shifting patients without putting stress on the patient’s injuries. Ultra Smooth surface with no sharp edges to keep skin safe. The flat board is 100% x-ray translucent and will prevent aggravation of possible spinal injuries while transferring and medical imaging is performed.
  • SMOOTH SURFACE: Easy to clean and designed to significantly reduce stain, odor
  • DESIGNED WITH FUNCTION IN MIND: Conveniently built with 21 handholds and 14 pins for secure patient strapping and transferring from any angle. Can be used by home health caregivers, EMS / first responders, fire fighters, lifeguards and more. Easy to use foam filled board is excellent for water rescue as it is waterproof and light weight. Slim width makes storage easy!


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