TRAVEL WHEELCHAIR Foldable wheelchair-model: MW-BC Best price NO1


TRAVEL WHEELCHAIR Foldable Chennai/Banglore/Kochi

model: MW-BC

 Silver powder coated

 Total weight of Wheel Chair (Kg):17KG (Approx)

Foot rest Material: Aluminium

Density of Cushion material on armrest, seat and Backrest (Kg/m3)-32

Leg Guard Width (mm)-190

Back rest with Cushion-Yes

Hardness of Axle (HRC)-30

Hand rim Tube thickness (mm)-15

Front castor Dia (mm)-165

Cushion on Seat With Overall Width in unfolded condition of wheel chair (mm)-660

Leg guard type-NA

Type of Back rest-Foldable

Overall Length (mm)-980

Type of Wheel Hub-bearing

Hand Rim Material-Plastic


Overall Width in folded condition of the wheelchair (mm)-300

Types of Wheel Chairs-Powder coated

Material of Handle-PVC

Rear wheels: Standard Spoke wheels

Travel wheelchair foldable features:

  1. Lightweight and Foldable Design: Travel wheelchair foldable are designed to be lightweight and easily foldable for convenience and easy transportation. This makes them perfect for individuals who require a wheelchair for occasional use and need to transport it frequently.
  2. Armrests: Most foldable wheelchairs come with armrests to provide support and comfort to the user while sitting.
  3. Rear Wheels: Travel wheelchairs have larger rear wheels to provide better performance on uneven surfaces and terrains. The larger wheels also provide better stability and easier maneuverability.
  4. Loop-Style Manual Brake: Travel wheelchairs usually feature a loop-style manual brake that can be easily operated by the user. The brakes provide better control and safety during transfers and other activities.
  5. Footrests and Leg-rests: Travel wheelchairs have supportive footrests and detachable leg-rests that help users achieve a comfortable seating position. The footplates are usually made of aluminum and can be adjusted to support the entire foot.
  6. Travel wheelchair foldable comes with comfortable seat fabric suitable for long hours seating position comfort
  7. Weight Capacity: Foldable wheelchairs are designed to be durable and can support up to 100 kg of weight.

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TRAVEL WHEELCHAIR Foldable Chennai/Banglore/Kochi model: MW-BC

Travel wheelchair foldable
Travel wheelchair foldable

Travel wheelchair foldable

Travel wheelchair foldableProduct demo video link:

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